Sunday, May 5, 2019

ESOL US History Week of May 4 - 10

Monday is the last day to prepare for the EOC. Remember, if you want extra credit for the EOC prep packets, they need to be turned in by Monday afternoon. Also, USAtestprep has many, many!!!!! assignments you can do to prepare for the EOC. After the EOC, we will be watching movies that are related to US History. I will provide more opportunities to get extra credit relating to the movies. On Wednesday, May 15, my father and his friend will come to speak to us about the Vietnam War.

ESOL American Lit Week of May 6 - 10

We will continue reading Their Eyes Were Watching God  as well as beginning the movie. As long as people are using class time wisely to work on the multi-genre research project, I will give time in class. I will teach you about APA style as well.

ESOL World Literature Week of May 6 - 10

Monday we will have a regular class with a teacher and students again. Yay!! Be prepared to work. You will need to turn in the Independent Reading Tic-Tac-Toe from last week. We will work on Unit 4 from Springboard and I will give you another Tic-Tac-Toe for this week. On Tuesday and Wednesday, I will be proctoring the EOC for US History during 1st block, so you will again be without a teacher. Work on week 2 Tic-Tac-Toe. Thursday and Friday, we will begin discussing the final and continuing with excerpts from Unit 4.

Monday, April 29, 2019

ESOL US History Week of April 29 - May 3

We will be working on EOC prep until the EOC on May 7 and 8, which gives us 6 days. Each day, you will be responsible for a Study Guide. I will give extra credit for completed Study Guides, but only if you finish them before the EOC. I would suggest that you work in small groups and divide and conquer. I am fine with collaborative work, but not with one person doing all of the work and others copying.

USAtestprep has assignments for all domains now. Logon when you get a chance and practice.
Some of you haven't created accounts yet.
Go to   Create account   Account ID is always wheeler   the temporary password is newton74   It will prompt you to set up your own username and password. When you log back in, you'll have to join the class by first choosing Vivian Huntington as your teacher and then joining US History Spring 2019.

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ESOL American Lit Week of April 29 - May 3

The EOC is Monday - Wednesday during 1st, 3rd, and 2nd Blocks. We will have D lunch at the end of the testing period. On Thursday and Friday, we will get started on the Harlem Renaissance Unit.

Link to an example of a multi-genre project

Link to audio of Their Eyes Were Watching God

ESOL World Lit Week of April 29 - May 3

I will be doing EOC proctoring during 1st block Monday - Wednesday. I will put a sign on my door telling you which room to go to. I know that Monday is room 2042. Work on the Independent Reading project I assigned. On Friday, the project for Week 1 is due. You will only have Monday - Wednesday to work on it in class, so I would advise working rather than playing.